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Passion for design and love for one’s country give life to a unique product dedicated to those who appreciate food-related tradition and culture. “Food Design for Happy Living” is a set of four white ceramic plates, designed to be colored by the ingredients served on them. Each piece features different grooves that imitate the traditional pattern of Vietri ceramics. Plates allow you to compose food in various ways and imitate a tile. The traditional decorative role of the plate is reversed: the food itself fulfills the decorative function. The user can produce a work of art according to his creativity. The project is inspired by the ancient traditions and reflects on these. It can also be designed to meet traditions of other countries. Used by several chefs to plate their creations, “Food Design for Happy Living” won the second prize in the contest “#WITH – design WITH food” by Promote Design. It was also was awarded the second place in the “National Award Convivium Design 2014” sponsored by Wine&Thecity, Pastificio dei Campi and ADI Campania.


Product design


1 January 2016